Vietnam's economy in 2017: Many positive signals

Although GDP growth in 2016 is not achieving its objectives, the economies of Vietnam still experts and foreign organizations appreciate the ability to grow in 2017. According to Forbes magazine, despite facing many difficult, but Vietnam's economy will continue strong growth in 2017 based on the elements of investment opportunities or the private sector to thrive. According to analysis by the experts of HSBC, Vietnam GDP growth in 2017 regularly in every quarter and there are many positive signs.
Vietnam's economy in 2017: Many positive signals

According to economic experts, Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, the government of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has transmitted a message strong enough, enough drastic reform efforts of the Government, has added confidence, a certain excitement to the market and the public. A further manifestation is the first time that more than 110,000 new registered businesses, which showed businesses had greater confidence in the business environment, this faith has been partly reflected government efforts healthy business environment associated with Resolution 19 and Resolution 35.
in addition, more specific urgent work was also resolved to direct government fiercely, and rolled up the sleeves to perform, initially positive results. This along with the message market synergies for market confidence. 
This is the same as predicted by Forbes Magazine as said that Vietnam would be attractive investment destination for foreign investors, as we implement reforms based on government message is created, for service, integrity and action. On the other hand, the investors benefit from lower tariff barriers through free trade agreements to which Vietnam is a member. Some enterprises also enjoy attractive tax incentives from the government. Besides, in 2016, Vietnam continued to implement reforms in the investment law to help foreign enterprises to carry out procedures in a simple way and faster. 
And 2017 is the year the new Vietnam started "enjoying the fruits of the development is a process system more business friendly and more competitive. This will help attract more FDI and making Vietnam become one of the manufacturing centers in the world ", Oscar Mussons, an international business advisory, consulting firm Dezan Shira & Associates said. 
Dang Duc Anh also, Chief Analysis and Forecast of the Center of Information and Economic Forecasts - national society (NCIF) forecast economic growth of Vietnam in 2017 will be more prosperous. According to him, the geographical balance of economic restructuring, institutional reform, improve the investment environment, business is fiercely Government direct the implementation in 2016 will promote greater efficiency in 2017 . NCIF gave two scenarios for economic growth in 2017. Scenario 1, economic growth remained stable at 6.44%, inflation around 5%, based on the efficiency of investment in the host country continuous improvement; investment of the public sector continued to maintain, up 7% ... And the second scenario economic growth is forecast at 6.72%, inflation at 6%, thanks to the efficient utilization of economic growth dynamics through integration, structure and scale economies with positive improvement. 
If the TPP is not the government of President Donald Trump for approval, will not make much impact on Vietnam's economy, while we remain members of the 16 free trade agreements across other bridges, including agreements with the economic locomotive as China and Japan. And Vietnam still can with TPP members to build a similar agreement if the US Congress refused to ratify. The trade agreements successfully negotiated will bring opportunities to attract FDI into Vietnam, not just new investment, but also expand the existing investment projects. 
Meanwhile, according to Forbes, high-tech products are increasingly accounting for a large proportion of Vietnam's exports, reaching 25% in 2015, compared with only 5% in 2010. And this trend will also be promoted in in 2017, while investments from Hon Hai Precision, Intel and Samsung will be the impetus for this shift. 
And economic experts assess NCIF, there are many factors that can encourage, promote production and export businesses as an improvement in the business environment; many important reforms are implemented the Enterprise Law and the Investment Law to life; low inflation contributed to a stable cost of production and business of enterprises. 
Under the agreements, free trade (FTA), the new and the revival of the market property, NCIF said 2017 would be the run time mergers and acquisitions (M & A) businesses likely thrive when investors, the retail group from Thailand, Singapore tends to increase activities in Vietnam. 
WOOD VIETNAM 86 LE CAM NCIF said 2017 will be a time of active mergers and acquisitions (M & A) businesses have the ability to thrive when investors, the retail group from Thailand, Singapore tends to increase activity in Vietnam. WOOD VIETNAM 86 LE CAM NCIF said 2017 will be a time of active mergers and acquisitions (M & A) businesses have the ability to thrive when investors, the retail group from Thailand, Singapore tends to increase activity in Vietnam.