Staff Marketing - Trading (HCM)

job description

- Research and market development.
* Up idea - plan - implement programs to attract potential customers.
* Implement or support the market development program set out by the company.
* Improving customer awareness of the value of products and services the company offers.
* Create a sympathetic, understanding the needs and deliver value for customers.

Benefit Entitlement

- Salary: from 7 million to 13 million according to the company's wage (There are rewarded according to the results of their work - be discussed at the interview).

Other Requirements

* Honesty - work ethic.
* Have your listening skills.
* Dynamic, creative capable of teamwork.
* Have communication skills - capture customer sentiment.
* To be a high pressure job.
Without may offset by:
- Continuous learning skills.
* Favorite challenge - not afraid of hard.
* The spirit of hard - do not give up.

* The Benefit will be exchanged directly in the interview.

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